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Welcome to the Pikes Peak Writers Workshop Proposal Portal!

This web application allows you to propose a workshop to the Pikes Peak Writers.

We want new ideas for presentations in the arena of writing. We'll consider topics including business, craft, genre, the writing life or general tips for improving our writing.

You, as a potential presenter, can create an account and submit workshop proposals to our Programming Director (for conference) and our NonConference Events coordinator at the same time. These proposals will be tied to your account to allow you to edit them later if you wish to update content or make changes. You will also be allowed to log in and see the status of all of your proposals. Lastly, if you are proposing a panel-style presentation, this web application will make it easier for you to enter your fellow panelists' information for our review.

Now, to get started you can either log in (if you have already created an account) or create a new account to begin the process. It only takes a few moments to create the account and get started! If you've forgotten your password, you can resolve that issue here.